Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 Practice Drills

Traditionally football receivers need training partners to help them with their pass catching practice drills. This article will focus on 4 stationary receivers practice drills that they cane perform alone. The benefit of these football drills is they can work out at their convenience, develop softer hands, stronger fingers and make more catches.

4 Receiver Practice Drills

1. Ball Drop Drill:

Have your hands in front of you about waist high. Alternating hands drop the ball and practice catching the ball by the fat part. Make sure avoid palm contact with the ball, using only the fingers to make the catch. This will help with muscles memory and make your fingers stronger.

2. The Toss Up Drill:

This training drill is designed to help receivers practice having their head and arms in the proper catching position while developing softer hands and stronger fingers. The object of the exercise is for the athlete to toss the ball about 4 feet above the head. Extending the arms upward and the head looking up creates the proper catching position while the athlete focus on bring the ball in catching with the fingers around the fat part of the ball.

3. The Back Drill

This exercise is performed with the hands behind the back about waist high. In this drill the athlete rolls the ball from one hand to the other using only the fingers to improve muscle memory an strengthen the fingers. With the arms extended this makes the work out more of challenge reap better benefits.

4. The Front Side to Side Drill:

This drill is done like the name implies, with the hands in front around waist high. Like the behind the back drill the ball is rolled from one hand to the other, avoiding hand palm contact with the ball. The purpose of this training drill is to strengthen the fingers and develop better finger tip ball control.

In conclusion this article lists 4 repetition stationary practice drills that receivers can practice on their own to develop stronger fingers, more finger trip control and softer hands to catch more balls